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Some of the greatest advances in science are unfolding now inside Amgen.

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Deep and Broad Experience

Amgen is a biotechnology company—one of the first—and a pioneer in the science of using living cells to make biologic medicines. We helped invent the processes and tools that built the global biotech industry ... turning it into a leading source of therapies for patients needing additional options.

Focus on Biology

Amgen is helping to solve fundamental mysteries of biology. Our deep understanding of biological pathways has been the cornerstone of Amgen’s scientific success. Our protein engineers are designing new molecular structures ... employing nature’s own building blocks to try to interdict disease and redefine what a medicine can accomplish.


New technologies are reducing the cost of biotech manufacturing plants by making them more efficient and flexible.

Genetics Driving Discovery

Ultra-rapid DNA sequencing is helping to locate the genes that cause disease. We can now pinpoint and validate targets based on experiments already performed by nature.

Sophisticated Protein Engineering

Amgen has one of the industry’s most expansive collections of drug modalities.

High-Quality Candidates

We’re able to use our experience, processes and genetic assets to evaluate the quality of internal and external therapeutic candidates...

Increased Odds of Success more precisely determine which are likely to succeed. You can see it in our unprecedented experiment in gene-driven drug discovery, and our record of turning genetic insights into therapies.

Reducing Cost and
Time to Market

We are taking R&D to a whole new level. To make it faster ... more successful ... more meaningful in what it delivers to patients. We are working to shave months – and even years – off of the typical drug discovery process.