Amgen is a pioneer in the science of using living cells to make biologic medicines.

Feature The Digital Cell Biology Revolution A new nanofluidic technology that uses light to manipulate cells is already changing how biotech research is done. Invented by Berkeley Lights and developed with early input from Amgen, the technology has immediate applications and abundant long-term potential.
Feature The Hunt for New Checkpoint Inhibitors Feature 10 Things to Know About Lipoprotein(a) Feature A Strategy for Making Clinical Trials More Successful Feature Amgen's First-in-Class Science Feature The New Genetics: Inside Amgen's Human Genome Experiment Feature How Real-World Data is Transforming Drug Development Feature Protein Engineering: Unlocking the Power of Proteins Feature The Passionate Pursuit of Nav 1.7

The Shape of Drugs to Come

Biotechnology opened the door to new types of medicines based on nature’s own building blocks. No company has done more to advance this revolution than Amgen, and the company’s broad toolkit of drug modalities just got larger.

Feature Better Science Through Biosimilar R&D Feature The Next Generation of Biotech Manufacturing Feature Amgen’s Growing Immunotherapy Arsenal

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