Amgen’s First-in-Class Science

At Amgen, innovation is more than a buzzword. We excel at delivering medicines that fight disease in new ways.

In medicine, innovation often comes from finding new ways to target disease. When a company gains approval for a therapy with an entirely new mode of action, that medicine earns the right to be called first-in-class.

Roughly one-third of drugs that get approved are first-in-class therapies. At Amgen, two-thirds of the medicines we provide are first-in-class. In fact, 11 of our 17 innovative medicines have this distinction. And three others are based on earlier first-in-class mechanisms pioneered by Amgen.

For patients who can’t get the help they need from other treatments, a brand new type of medicine might be the option they’ve been waiting for. That’s why, at Amgen, innovation is more than just a buzzword. It’s how we give new options and hope to patients with serious illness.


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